Saturday, December 20, 2014

Alternative viewpoints welcome

One of the more interesting pages still out there is from a critic of my research who last time I checked is based at Hamilton College. He is a professor there named Rick Decker.

Now that I've mentioned those darker days when I was chasing after Fermat's Last Theorem, it's worth acknowledging the help I got from criticisms. And it's worth noting an attempt he made at articulating some of my ideas into standard mathematical exposition. So it's a great way to see someone with a great deal of standard mathematical training trying to handle concepts I introduced, including tautological spaces.

Of course there is no claim of proof by me of Fermat's Last Theorem at this time, so the article's personal criticisms of me are severely outdated. Like, I'm NOT a mathematician, amateur or otherwise. And in fact the page is over a decade old. Looking at the page now it says it was last modified in 2004. But I think it was created before that year as I was published in 2003, and focused on other things.

But it's worth pointing to a critic. Others can determine for themselves if they believe his attack on an approach I don't defend has merit.

His page:

Of course I moved on from Fermat's Last Theorem, but still rely on techniques I developed while attacking it. And I'll admit I'm impressed by Professor Decker's exposition and amused by his explanation for what he thinks is wrong with the approach. I highly recommend reading through it for the curious, especially those looking for any professional critique of my ideas.

James Harris

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