Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Something about numbers

For those who are fascinated by them the absolute perfection possible with numbers is a thrill.

To others it might seem strange but for me there is something electric:

(462 + 482 + 722)(1722 + 258+ 430+ 6022 +17622) = 

            615+ 30752 + 141452 + 159902  + 1884972   =  114*74*210

My research let me easily find that perfectly balanced result. Just like to stare at it.

Yet the techniques for finding it traceback to a simple cool little result:

u2 + Dv2 = F

requires that

(u-Dv)2 + D(u+v)2 = F(D+1)

Which is one of my favorite discoveries.

For me there is a thrill in the absolute logic, knowing something that is perfection, and in the beauty of numbers following rules with absolute precision. Nice to find incorruptible things, you know?

Connections. And it's interesting seeing them separated for this post, and wondering how might it look to me without knowing how one leads to the other?

I've accepted you cannot just assume that thrill about numbers and logic exists in someone.

Some love it.

James Harris

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