Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Covering the blog with interest

Feel like I do need to emphasize am NOT a mathematician, and there are some difficult aspects to this situation, where feel like have important mathematical ideas without establishment support. But so glad for the interest, and trying to be more appreciative of people who really have supported me with it.

So this blog which started March 20, 2005 has people STILL reading blog posts throughout that history. And some of the most popular posts according to Blogger are years old! That is amazing.

Though yeah most interest is concentrated more recently which is also good, as like to think have learned a few things over time, and more refined results are more recent as well. Before was spending MOST of my effort at basic research.

And will note have ended basic research as of July 31, 2016. Which I posted about on one of my other blogs.

Being a very curious person have been gratified to find blogs help me structure around my interests and keep up with things! And also of course blogs help you efficiently share with the world

Ending the basic research process lets me focus more on refining ideas, or just enjoying the ones I have.

Thanks for continuing interest. Yes, I do notice. Much appreciated.

James Harris

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