Thursday, August 11, 2016

Simplifying understanding works best

Years ago I learned the hard way just how important simplifying, simplifying, simplifying is when you're trying to figure out your own math. Repeatedly I'd had mathematical arguments I thought brilliant, until after making them simpler I'd watch fall apart with what then looked like silly errors.

So I learned to love simplicity, and also to dread it.

It is an odd thing when you look at something you found, maybe even years ago, and realize it has simple implications you have not checked.

Mathematics is brilliant in that everything has infinite consequences some kind of way.

Infinity creates the highest standards.

That would fascinate me at times, looking over mathematics I found knowing it has to work over infinity. And scare me if I dared check something I hadn't before. And then that odd feeling when the mathematics works perfectly.

There is nothing like it.

If you can simplify? Do it, if you dare.

James Harris

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