Sunday, January 08, 2017

Some assessments on math status

Figured may as well talk some things I now consider boring, as way back had vague notions about how things might go if found interesting and important mathematics. As firmly believe found some, hence the name of this blog, is worth talking reality versus that fantasy?

Most important shift that happened years ago was I stopped trying to write math papers for mathematical journals. Turns out a LOT of what mathematicians learn in school is how to write papers, um am thinking is a lot as didn't take math courses beyond needed for my physics degree.

Regardless, sent some papers and even had one published, so can say, yeah there are certain expected formats and I am NOT a mathematician and do NOT want to become one.

Of course a reason to bother would be to get my own math known if the web weren't around. But the web is here.

So how do you know my math works if you don't have some mathematicians to tell you?

If you need someone to tell you if math is correct or not, then you probably are at the wrong blog.

Of course there is no choice with MOST things in human life. You are forced to trust that people are telling you the truth in so many areas. But not in mathematics! Woo hoo!

In mathematics, you can check.

And remember, you can take anything here to a mathematician if you wish.

Mathematics at its best, when it is true mathematics, is perfection.

Gave me lots of leeway though will admit. Some things I did just to see if I could.

I do puzzle on such things sometimes, but less and less as the years go by.

Reality now, is I have greater reach with just this blog which is not my only one, than I expected to ever have, just on my own. There really isn't anything to add there.

James Harris

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