Monday, March 06, 2017

Abstract reductionism

Realized have developed expertise in certain mathematical areas because I invented a certain approach, though built on what came before. If you invent an approach then naturally you have expertise with it. And a consistent theme in much of my research actually is reducing to the most important elements which has been abstracted and standardized with modular algebra.

That I rely on modular algebra is significant as often I see discussion is on modular arithmetic.

And modular algebra offers stunning amounts of reduction as can be seen with my method for generally reducing binary quadratic Diophantine equations.

So feel approaches in that area can be quite simply called abstract reductionism.

Formalizing reductionism fascinates me will admit. And have done some additional work in that area to generalize what I call tautological spaces. The full system I call modular algebra symbology.

Remarkably tautological spaces can be used to get to answers where they are not needed to be mentioned, so results can stand alone.

My work in this area I believe flows naturally from foundations laid by Carl Gauss. In essence I just took modular in mathematics one step forward, and created a fully formed modular algebra.

Modular is coming into its own as a key concept in the 21st century. Feel privileged to have my own place in that development.

James Harris

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