Friday, March 03, 2017

Why went looking and found my prime counting function

Now I feel better as can fully explain a result which really floored me years ago, and turns out one of the first things that I'd harass myself with after I thought had something was: will that be it?

Which really irritated me, and I wonder why I do these things. And yeah was also at the time still into that Fermat's Last Theorem thing but knew that the big thing was staring at me, I think. Is fuzzy as was over a decade ago, but to not have ONE THING I started playing around with counting primes.

And few weeks or a couple as not so sure, later had figured out my prime counting function on which have discussed much on this blog, and that was August 2002.

And then was like, oh so you're going to just have two things?

It did relax me a BIT though as then I'd say to myself, well I have a backup.

But reality was already had the sphere packing thing--I think. I can't find anything wrong with it, but still even now I don't claim that one SOLID on emotion. And I don't really need it, and it bothers me. Is too easy. How do I figure out something that Sir Isaac Newton didn't catch when he worked on same problem?

And I don't need it. It'd be cool to have though, I guess. But that can work itself out over time.

Maybe should admit that while I don't need for bragging rights, the approach I pioneered should have practical usage, and I suspect if so is probably being used.

THANKFULLY, I finally stopped taunting myself with that, is that all you got?

Which gives me more time to explain things.

And laughing to myself, reading back through and I think is the weirdest thing, but is true! How do you go from thinking you have some great discovery to promptly taunting yourself to do more?

Seems mean to me. But now is funny. So no, that wasn't all I had to discover. Now I'm like, I'm good. And inner voice is finding other things to mess with me over. Of course. Like that wouldn't be true.

James Harris

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