Monday, July 24, 2017

When truth is your hammer

Readily admit I will turn to absolute proof and even number authority itself, when need reassurance. And when you wield truth in a certain way it can be necessary to hammer through against people who rely more on feeling than fact, as we humans can be recalcitrant at times. And there are people who think truth is a moving target or most amazing to me, some think truth is about human opinion.

So yeah I posted this thing recently:

349672 + 7522 + 1128+ 1880+ 26322 + 41362 + 48882 = 357212


An absolute truth it doesn't care what you think of it, or me.

And I'd summed five squares before and the math is easy, but it just felt good. And I like to stare at it when get philosophical or, yeah need that reassurance.

Human beings will come and go.

Here in this time, when some may think that they have a will that can overcome mathematical proof.

Let them try.

When you are someone like me who wields truth as a hammer when necessary, or has the infinity results, then you can look at others with curiosity, to see what they believe.

Try to break the hammer, see what happens.

I'm curious. I, at least, am human. But in the end?

The math is not human. The math knows you. But you do not control the math.

The math does not care what you believe.

Possibly some of you as well will feel that urge to wield truth.

Do you have what it takes? Few can handle the truth at certain levels, who can find the most powerful infinity results and present to their world.

I could. I have.

This post was SO much fun. Yeah am a fan of comic books. But I read them a little differently than others am sure, now. And the movies? Are so much more fun, for me.

Takes someone like me.

Can you stand with truth as your best protector?

Or would you bend in fear?

I know.

For me maybe is more fun this way anyway, as suits my flair for the dramatic.

Coming up on 15 years since I discovered my prime counting function as just one example. Can you imagine? Could you simply stand for truth?

Challenge demands a certain person. Reality? Knows.

The math knows. The math chose. Reality bends not for you.

The future demands the one who will get it done.

There are more results out there--an infinity of them. Reality will choose those who will get it done.

Can you stand for truth? Come what may?

Readily admit as much as I LOVE discovery of my own, more and more wonder, where can these ideas lead that others might find?

Truth is out there.

James Harris

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