About me

While I am not a mathematician, math attracts me as an area where truth can be known as an absolute. The math doesn't care I like to say, because it doesn't. It is also an area where you can exercise your mind endlessly with the comfort that you will never run out of problems to solve. Mathematics is an infinite subject.

It doesn't care who discovers it either.

Expanding zones of certainty have given us comforts that previous humans could only imagine, which many take for granted. I think of myself as an innovative discoverer which means I try to expand zones of certainty by solving problems I find accessible to me for whatever reason.

Simplicity intrigues me. And I think it is SO much more satisfying to have a simple result.

Simple results teach our mathematical intuition. Those who appreciate mathematical quality understand such things.

So I feel confident that my research attracts a certain type of person.

Grew up Southern I like to say in Tift County near a little city called Tifton, GA, USA. Like the small town values, especially the emphasis on hard work and earning your way. I believe merit matters.

And again, I'm NOT a mathematician. I do have an undergraduate degree in physics from Vanderbilt University.

Questions drive me.

Answers can be fun, but really what keeps you up at night?

Those things, I think, are usually the questions.

James Harris
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