About me

Focused on discovery and the pursuit of truth. Self describe as a meta innovator.

Found myself trying modern problem solving techniques like brainstorming against old math problems, just curious and to keep my mind occupied. And spent a lot of time in past on Usenet as could use as a sounding board for ideas. Had some spectacular failures, especially around Fermat's Last Theorem where long ago happily abandoned research on it.

Have innovated much with a process which I call abstract reductionism, where I formalize methods for analytical analysis, removing a lot of the guesswork. Much of that involves what I call modular symbology which includes modular algebra, which allows the mathematics to check an equation an infinite number of ways for me, so I don't need to bother.

Grew up Southern I like to say in Tift County near a little city called Tifton, GA, USA. Like the small town values, especially the emphasis on hard work and earning your way. I believe merit matters.

And am NOT a mathematician. I do have an undergraduate degree in physics from Vanderbilt University.

Questions drive me.

Answers can be fun, but really what keeps you up at night?

Those things, I think, are usually the questions.

Profile picture where oddly enough whether looks like am smiling slightly or frowning slightly? Is all about YOUR mood.

James Harris
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