Sunday, August 30, 2015

Actual value of recognition

To some extent the way attention works for something you find is easy--other people learn of it and use it.

The more people who learn of it and use it, the more influence some thing you found can have.

The true value of recognition by someone of your work I think is in referral, which can happen a couple of ways as to how someone refers things to someone else. Usually it's by mentioning it to someone, or using something and having someone ask about it. That latter is a BIG driver. Human curiosity can demand to know--how did you do that?

The web facilitates referral.

Am confident that most of my influence from my mathematical discovery happens because someone needs the mathematics.

Which is why I often focus on some math of mine that fulfills a real world need, as then I can explain why it gets the functional recognition that drives it around the world. And the web gives me objective measures to show that happened.

The web simplifies distribution of information. It is an information distribution mechanism.

James Harris

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