Thursday, June 01, 2017

Solid result and am surprised

Just a quick update that my modular inverse solving method is solid. Luckily is easy math, so not much to check. For those who wonder, when an error is in there it usually is something simple. I have my own definition of mathematical proof for checking for errors, but human reality can be you just miss things. But my modular inverse innovation is perfect.

It adds to my collection of infinity results. And that label is below the post for those curious about the others. Just click on labels below posts to get other posts where I've so labeled.

But so wild was available! Am so glad just kind of was wondering and have had that modular factorization for YEARS and talked it up on this blog too. Oh yeah, decided had a responsibility to at least try and sent some emails to some mathematicians and one US Government agency. Felt like the right thing to do. No replies from the mathematicians. And just an auto-reply so far from US Government agency.

That's ok. Just doing my due diligence. But for those who wonder? No, am not expecting mathematicians to reply to me any more as what can they say? Think about it. Any reply can force them to do more than just reply, like help champion a really massively cool discovery which greatly adds to human knowledge.

Maybe I should give them the benefit of the doubt. Hasn't been that long. Still feel there is clearly indication of a certain poetic justice in play. Situation can be distressing for others am sure who may worry about controversy! But good news is, is more me disappointed than anything else. I have math ideas I'd just as soon see picked up by established mathematicians. Mostly though they just seem to ignore me.

Regardless of any of that am SO excited with the find!

Am so happy with this thing. Not my biggest result by far, but one that tells a lot. Why was it available for me?

Because I went looking for it, I guess. I don't know. Am just babbling now. Then again is also would think another example of the analytical power of abstract reductionism.

Main thing: is a solid result. May have a massive impact in many areas of number theory, remarkably enough. I suspect is ALREADY being used by now as information travels fast in our times, but not that folks tell me. But already discussed the why there.

The math is there. People just have to go look for it. And mathematics IS an infinite subject.

For those who love math? That is a reason for so much joy. You will never exhaust possibility.

And a reality check too I think, as how can people lead the future of mathematics in our world, if they can't simply discover?

Discovery defines mathematics. It is the base from which all else must build.

James Harris

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