Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Correct matters most

When found mathematical results have an absolute aspect you can find difficult to find elsewhere, like maybe only in logic. When you have the correct mathematical result, it is absolutely true. And have given an example of absolute proof.

However emotion can lead us astray as human beings and have been lead astray in the past by my emotions and did not like it when found out! Where could be SO confident and certain, when thought had a correct mathematical argument only to finally have that wrong belief dramatically collapse when finally could see my error.

That elicits a terrible feeling and I do not like it. I try not to repeat such failure.

The joy in believing you have something important is not worth it, if it is not even correct, as such a thing is completely empty.

Correct matters most, as only when absolutely correct do you have the mathematical proof, as proof is perfect.

To check against emotion I now employ a process which I think helps protects others as well, as while not good to lead one's self astray, so much worse to lead others! Which means I try to focus objectively, consider results as facts only when well established, and refrain from emotional appeals.

So please do not be surprised at a steady process which does not involve trying to convince you, but is sharing of mathematical ideas and process as well, so that truth can be determined.

For those who appreciate truth, working for the truth should be a privilege.

Am lucky in that most of what I have requires only what are generally called elementary methods. I like that phrase. Elementary methods.

Numbers have fascinated me in special ways for as long as I can remember. Like friends with personalities who are anxious to tell you cool things. And they never lie. But can lie to myself if I'm not careful so yeah, focus on--correct matters most.

And explanation helps.

Labels below this post consider various areas around the social aspect of presenting mathematics from celebrity, to what I call the social problem, and also instructional. Click on a label for more posts in that area! And thank you for your interest.

I try not to try to convince you, but I do appreciate your time and attention.

James Harris

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