Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Prime difference and marking fifteen years

Things have worked out really well for me from a discovery perspective. And it is important should note this month will mark 15 years since found my prime counting function, which in its most mathematized form counts using a difference equation. I think at times have used the word mathematicized. Did I make that up? Guess so, as spell check doesn't like it.

And don't know when this month though so may as well make a post now. Just remember was August 2002, and guess could try to check? But is some post on Usenet and do NOT wish to dig through there.

On here as checking published posts now, see this post as first one, which was posted June 2005. And first post on blog is March 2005, so took a few months to get to it. Of course this was second thing I had for my math? Before had something before Blogger and was paying for a website so was very happy when could switch to something free. That is, talking webpages. For a LONG time was just arguing on Usenet and eventually through Google Groups at some point. I say a long time but think was from 1996?

There are SO many posts on this blog talking my prime counting function where think have labeled most, so if curious can go through.

That prime counting function was first result which really was just deriving something kind of because felt like it. Specifically asked myself to figure something out and few weeks later had it, really just from scratch.

My prime counting function is also my most stand-alone result. It doesn't derive from any other research I'd done, and it is very compartmentalized though can get sort of broad. So there is a sieve form, and a fully mathematical form, where yeah guess that is supposed to be called fully mathematized. And there is the difference equation itself which has to be constrained for it to give the count of prime numbers. Then there is the partial differential that follows from the difference equation. And that is all really just one package all to itself.

Was also first result where there was just no doubt as wasn't using techniques I'd invented or wondering how something so simple could be missed. Oh, was a bit before I had the partial differential equation that follows, but had it by the time created this blog under its old name. And that is this post, which was also June 2005. Updated that post at some point to use delta symbol.

So cool. Has been SO amazing on the discovery side. Changed my life for sure.

James Harris

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