Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Attention reality and math usefulness

Maybe should address possibly vague notions about value of math discovery and how changed things for me. For one thing do believe there are people who think a committee of some kind of expert human beings MUST accept and promote you, or you have nothing.

That is of course not the case and actually has not been in the past. Where history is full of instances where ideas won out over time, and can say the web speeds that process up.

Math actually spreads on usefulness have witnessed with my own ideas.

However, humans can simply decide to not talk about certain things in certain ways. The math does not care. Still works and humans are attracted to things that work well for them. And some will even notice who made that possible.

So the discoverer gets attention. And in my case have not often handled it well, while decrying it not being of a certain type. I was very picky about what I wanted. And had not gotten it, and threw some tantrums in the past. Am over that now. Where also better appreciate what I have.

Today am potentially known like to say in over 150 countries where relied on something else for baseline. That something else being downloads of an open source project wrote for Java developers and put on SourceForge, an open source repository, back in 2004. Was a reaction to a lot of emotions. Wanted something concrete in a different way. Which helped me with confidence in my math too.

This blog with its old name though had visits according to Google Analytics from 125 countries at its peak that I noticed. Where is just what registered by however Google does those stats. And that was over a decade ago.

That messes with your mind. Do not behave the same trying to process. So I like to say POTENTIALLY known in over 100 countries, where rely then on two sources with data from others, so is objective. And just for my work, with no departments or faculty or other researchers or any academics actually, with any piece of it. Is all mine, alone. Which also messes with your mind.

There is a comfort in having other humans with you with certain things. So much harder when have to go it alone in many ways. While the shared value is still that of humanity with more useful information.

So yeah, alone in the role of discoverer, thankfully with a world of others in the benefits of that knowledge.

The math pulls attention in and of itself. And with good reason. Say some person wants to do something needed with some mathematical tool to solve an important problem, will pick best available if know of, and can, or not?

If you think not, I disagree, as from what I've seen--will pick best available.

Your discovery is not about a committee.

It is not up to other humans to decide the value of your work with their opinions, but for your fellow humans to show they value with use. We do not talk about calculus or algebra as about an opinion.

Obvious to most actually I think, but to the money obsessed? May believe money matters which is so much about celebrity in cultures where celebrity rules. Yet how many track those celebrities over decades? Their moments in the intensity of attention are often barely a few years, or often less.

In mathematics we know people over centuries and even millennia. There is no comparison from modern celebrity. And often am a huge fan, but also do watch modern celebrities come, and modern celebrities go. Audiences endlessly wanting the new. And why not? Our expectations keep rising as learn what is possible.

Was actually such a HUGE advantage for me escaping that noise. And learned what is actually necessary, and turns out it is not. Which has helped me as learned my role. My global position results from my discovery but did not come with an instruction manual. Have worked at figuring out.

No person who understands math, or pursues for the right reasons gets lost on those details for long. Math is not a zone for instant celebrity, and soon thereafter flame-outs. It is an arena where you can help people to know, for as long as there are humans.

Which is comforting really. And I think is important for me to emphasize. Human systems are what change with the new. Like when algebra arrived, mathematics changed rapidly for the better as our species learned more with greater efficiency. The humans back then? Even if their opinion was recorded do we care?

The great thing: great mathematical tools with which can know more. Discovery rules.

James Harris

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