Sunday, October 23, 2016

Naming things is hard

One of the best things to me about what I've learned is that I can unequivocally say that people don't need to mess with what is commonly called Fermat's Last Theorem, as Gauss was right about it. And I think in mathematical history it will be seen as an oddity more important for the effort around it, as the result itself is trivial for the reasons he gave.

And for me it is relevant because it was SO frustrating that I invented my own mathematical discipline to tackle it which I eventually called modular algebra symbology.

For a while was still looking at it with that then was like, oh my.

And I realized I needed the object ring.

And modular algebra symbology explores what I decided to call tautological spaces, where you do analysis on what I decided to call the conditional residue.

And with modular algebra symbology I came across something I decided to call the binary quadratic Diophantine iterator or BQD Iterator for short.

Also years ago decided I had found an axiom previously not accepted to be one! And decided to call it the prime residue axiom.

Oh yeah and renamed something the two conics equation as can give hyperbolas or ellipses, and its generally used name, at this writing, is considered to be a historical error.

And remembered that I found what I like to call a quadratic residue engine which is key to derivation of expressions to count quadratic residue pairs.

I think that's it. Not interested in continuing to update as have a couple of times, and still maybe have named a few other mathematical things here or there but I think I got my most important namings.

James Harris

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