Sunday, December 11, 2016

More thoughts on coverage

This post is labeled behind the scenes as maybe isn't so interesting for those looking for other things, like math. But is useful for me to record things in place I like to say.

Have realized some posts which talk the coverage of the blog in terms of registered visits could be really useful later. So with year closing out found myself in Google Analytics this morning running the numbers so far, focused on location.

And according to Google Analytics blog had visits from 57 countries so far this year, consistent with what posted earlier on this subject. Have a map of the world can look at and see whitespace where no visits, and as expected most of that was across continent of Africa. And looks like cover about half of South America.

The city counts kind of fascinate me now, and had visits according to Google Analytics from 346 cities, where can switch now to languages, and has a number of 38 languages. Is simpler for me to just read that number off from the Google Analytics page than dig deep into it.

To me the numbers of country counts are down a bit. I know not why.

But then again, how does it matter across the board? Well reality is means I have a direct connect which exists by objective measures. I'm just reading off information conveniently provided by the vast resources of Google.

Will there be a shift for me based on these numbers? Probably not because of them but because of changes in my use of the blog as is no longer primarily a research blog as have stopped new mathematical research. That freed up a lot of mental energy for other things. Math research is fun yes, but EXHAUSTING.

Now it's more interesting for me to consider what I've learned. And yes, continue to learn, but not chasing possibility wherever the math might take me.

Now it's more like sitting with the math and chatting conversationally. Which is a lot more relaxing.

James Harris

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