Sunday, May 29, 2016

Real digital divide

Years ago when was still talking out ideas on Usenet, was also discussing what for me was a mystery back then as this blog, then with a different name, was getting visits from 125 countries/territories as Google Analytics put it, which shocked me.

Also have mentioned here at some point decided that established definitions of mathematical proof were not sufficient for me to determine if a mathematical argument I had was one, so I came up with a functional definition, and posted here.

That roared up web search, which I found out from web stats, and again was befuddled. But talked that out and got a surprising reaction. Math people on the math newsgroup where was talking things, went to great lengths to dismiss.

But web search is relatively new, and for certain people is something they clearly can easily question. While for those growing up with the web is something they have had their entire lives.

So I realized the digital divide from those who really are still 20th century, for whom they can question web things and dismiss as if meaningless. And those who grew up in the 21st century who use and rely on those same things as important.

For people growing up in the 21st century the notion that I can simply fix such things is ludicrous.

So yeah I changed the blog name, and watched with interest as lost that search position for my definition of mathematical proof which has not returned to it since, which was a way to check certain things. It was going back up and I talked it here, and that seemed to end that which I think is interesting.

Have talked more recently about some of the things I face, like how can have results here, which I can check with my own definition of mathematical proof of course, and not seem to get anywhere with the mathematical establishment, as can't force math people to acknowledge, of course.

But you know? That digital divide explains something. I won't elaborate, but it's not a concern really. I really think that past people who grew up in the 20th century seem confident in situation that they can control it, which does disappoint me. I've watched things over the years often wondering. But reality is you just don't control information that way. And never did really. Modern web just makes it more visible I think.

To understand though, you have to be fully 21st century. So cool.

I find that comforting as those people can be mean. So they are out of it, based on what they don't understand in our modern world.

My interest has been in having important information available to the world. And I feel confident that has been done, and there are people who find it helpful.

That's also a huge comfort, and a unique benefit of the modern web. I can see that reality, and don't have to just rely on faith, thanks to the web.

James Harris

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