Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Power of math

That correct mathematics has a power of its own sustains me. And what I call the social problem is much about people who clearly do not believe it does.

Lies? Have to be supported constantly. That human energy can only last so long. And besides, the truth can crush lies even when LOTS of people keep trying to push them.

The valid math wins over time. And I have a unique opportunity, as NO major discoverer at my level has ever faced such opposition.

My predecessors would be jealous am sure. But they're long dead. Gives me different perspective on their lives as well. They had to fight their own battles too. History tends to be glossed over as to full reality. Still realize how much better it is, here am thankful. I get to know so much more than they ever could in ways, I think. Yeah it is different between understanding possibility and living in this modern reality.

Gist of it is, opportunity like no other as in challenges, I simply learn more useful.

From my best perspective is simply an interesting exercise.


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